indoor invisible fence

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    Invisible Wireless Dog Fence With Collar


    The Smart Way To Train Your Dogs! Struggling to keep your dog from wandering too far from your home? Use our Wireless Pet Fence Training System to train your pets in the simplest and smartest way possible. Teach Your Dog Quickly – Featuring Harmless Static Corrections So You Can Train Your Dog At Home Or…

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    Wireless Dog Containment Fence


      This electric pet fence system KD660 is a reliable, cost-efficient pet containment systems. The harmless radio signal was issued by transmitter and go through the wire to be boundary beyond the “Yard”. When your dog approaches the boundary beyond the set range, the receiver will issue static shock with gradually stronger intensity until your dog…

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    Wireless Dog Fence Collar


    Keep your dog near you at all times! It’s only natural to let your pets love the outdoors. But what about those pets who tend to stray too far from home? Features: 1. Real wireless remote control electronic fence; 2. Extra-large remote control distance. With the transmitter as the center, the maximum remote control radius…