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Personalized Graduation Luminaries Table Centerpieces Decorations Party Reunion (FREE SHIPPING)




Congratulations! You made it!

How about organizing a Graduation Party that’s as fun, sweet, and thoughtful as your 2020 grad? These Graduation Luminaries can be used as Table Centerpieces for your guests, making your Graduation Party a day to remember!

They are made of Translucent Vellum and are printed in White, Black, and Grayscale. They are Unassembled / In Sheet Form and can be quickly assembled.

Please pay attention to the following:

These luminaries will add an elegant touch to your party or event.  They are completely personalized and can act as your centerpiece and added lighting* all in one***.  Decorate your tables in mere seconds and enjoy the beautiful glow and ambiance that these will produce when put over a flameless candle *(NOT Included). Sure to be a hit & loved by everyone

(*** Lighting is NOT included).

Personalization & Checkout Instructions:

*Based off of the design that you choose, PLEASE be sure to leave a note during checkout in the Message to Seller section (AND CLICK SAVE), OR send an email via email at:


IMMEDIATELY after checkout, providing the following required information / details that are needed for your order… *NO other personalization is included for these designs, as being sold, other than what is listed below… 


* *Graduation #1 Design Monogram Cap  — (PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING):

* FIRST Name ONLY of the Graduate — will go at the top as shown

* FOR THE CAP – CHOOSE ONE ONLY:  Monogram Initials of Graduate’s Name  OR  School Name Initials –> *Please specify which one you’d like and provide the school initials OR full name as follows:

– For Name Monograms  Please provide the FULL NAME so that it can be converted into the correct & proper/standard monogram order & format accordingly, (which is:  First name, LAST name, Middle name order)… Monograms will be done in the same size ratio, which is in all caps, but the first & last letters will be smaller than the center letter, since the center letter represents the LAST NAME, and in the same monogram font style as shown in the sample. 
***( FOR EXAMPLE Name Monogram:  Carolyn Brie Edwards… *which would then be converted to:  CEB for the monogram). 

– For School Initials  Please specify SCHOOL INITIALS for the choice AND provide the initials needed. 
 PLEASE NOTE: School Initials will be done in capital letters, all of the same size, and in a regular, NON-Monogram font style, similar to that of the First Name, since the font style shown in the sample is for Name Monograms Only.
*** FOR EXAMPLE:  School Initials:  NHS, FSU…

*** PLEASE NOTE:  The cap can also be left blank if desired & requested, OR, if the monogram / school initials are NOT provided with your personalization information, the hat will be left blank. ***

* “Class of Year” (if not the current year).

*Graduation #2 Design School Diploma  — (PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING):

* FIRST Name ONLY of the Graduate

* School Name Initials:  FOR EXAMPLE:  ( Northeast High School = NHS, OR Florida State University = FSU…

*** PLEASE NOTE:  The diploma can also be left blank if desired & requested… OR…. If the school name initials are NOT provided with your personalization information, the diploma will be left blank. ***

* “Class of Year” (if not the current year).

*Graduation #3 Congrats Hat & #4 Class of Name – Designs  —  *(PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING):

* FIRST Name ONLY of the Graduate

* “Class of” Year (if not the current year).

*PLEASE NOTE The design(s) will come EXACTLY as shown, with changes to the specified personalization only. However, if you have a special request or change, please contact me BEFORE ordering to discuss available options, as in most cases a custom listing will be required to be setup for you to purchase from, and additional design customization fees will be required as well.

Be as specific and detailed as possible to ensure accuracy & quick turnaround and processing times.

Specs, Features & Details:

  • Measurements:  8.5” tall x approximately 3”- 3.25″ in diameter *(once assembled) –> Diameter/Width measurements depend on the design’s adhesive placement and the amount of overlap you create during assembly; diameter/width may be able to be slightly adjusted during assembly, based on your preference or need, when shaping & securing the luminary edges. 

  • Design Layout & Color(s) Design is printed twice per luminary sheet so that once assembled, it will be displayed on:  Both Sides for easy visibility… and are done in shades of Black, White & Grayscale Only
    *If colors are desired, please contact me first for other suggestions & tips on how to incorporate them.

  • How They’ll Arrive & Required Assembly:  These ship flat, in sheet form, and come ready to assemble… simply remove the backing from the pre-applied adhesive, roll the paper into a cylinder shape & lightly press to secure… That’s all there is to it!

  • Material(s):  Made of  high quality & elegant, translucent vellum, that once assembled and placed over a battery operated LED / flameless tealight or candle *(Not Included), it produces a beautiful glow & ambiance.

*** Although NOT RECOMMENDED, these may also be used with any standard, real flame, tealight or votive placed within a glass / appropriate candle holder, however, for safety purposes, the height of the candle holder MUST be taller than the flame in order to avoid fire.

  • Usage: These are designed to be self standing once assembled, and are intended to be used preferably INDOORS, however, if you are using them OUTDOORS, or are concerned about wind or sturdiness, you can also:

    (A) secure the luminary around / to the outside of a vase or candleholder (of comparable diameter to what the luminaries will be once assembled). 
     If you choose this route… It is suggested that you wrap the luminary around the item you wish to use it with FIRST and then secure the adhesive…  This will ensure a proper fit. 
    * If the luminary’s edges do not meet flush, or enough to overlap & secure using the pre-applied adhesive, causing a gap, you can secure the luminary sheet directly to the glassware item and then cover the gap with some NON-SHEER ribbon.  This will ensure the glow is contained within the luminary, and it also adds an elegant touch and helps to incorporate your color(s) as well.


    (B) assemble the luminary first and place it directly over the outside of a vase or candleholder that fits within the assembled diameter.


    (C) assemble the luminary first and insert it on the inside of a CLEAR vase or similar that is sized accordingly to fit the luminary.

All options will achieve the same look and effect while still allowing the light to show through.

Purchase Terms:

*** It is YOUR responsibility to read the FULL description to ensure you understand what you are purchasing.  ***

• You are receiving a Provided Service & a Personalized / Custom Product, and due to the nature of these items, they are Non-Returnable & Non-Refundable, unless a mistake has been made by the seller… OR if the item arrives damaged, AND the issue can NOT be fixed, OR resolved by a replacement.
*(Photos may be requested & required)*

• Seller is NOT responsible for typos made by the customer  OR  information not provided or specified for special requests, etc…

• Cancels may incur a (10%) fee.

• As stated, it is your responsibility to place your order in plenty of time before your event to allow for the appropriate time for design, personalization, processing & shipping, as well as, any unfortunate delays that might occur during handling by USPS.  If your order is placed less than 2 weeks before your event, while I will be happy to help how I can & do my best to expedite processing, delivery times are NOT guaranteed unless it is Express shipping & therefore you are taking a risk that it may not arrive in time…if it does not, it does NOT constitute reason for return/refund, as upon receipt, regardless of timing, you will have received what was purchased & described, as stated, and also as stated, it is non-returnable / refundable once personalized & received, as it is only valuable to the person it was personalized for.

• Please also be sure to review my Return Policy & the Payment Details section as well. 

• Your purchase of this item indicates that you agree to the terms stated.