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48 Used Golf Balls Near Mint Condition AAAA




Nearly every piece of golf equipment can be tested and optimized for your game, but the golf ball tends to be forgotten.

There’s so much myth and misinformation around the golf ball, it’s become next to impossible for average golfers to know what ball to play. Almost 40 percent of the balls purchased today are the cheapest options that focus on tee-shot performance only, according to Golf Datatech.We believe this one-dimensional approach is shortsighted.

The fact of the matter is that performance differences are real, though there is some evidence to suggest that some manufacturers are hoping you don’t notice.

The condition of this golf ball will be similar to a golf ball that has been played for a few holes. There may be a slight cosmetic blemishes and discoloration and in some of the dimples. There may be a slight difference in luster and color. The integrity and flight characteristic is not compromised. These golf balls will include player markings, team and corporate log at random.