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4K Car Dash Cam

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The most advanced and powerful 4K Video Car Dash Camera!

This is the most advanced and powerful 4K video car dash cam. It’s designed to provide crystal clear 4K video for day and night and is user friendly.

It can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p and the ultra hd video recording quality is great and provides more clarity and quality images than other car dashboard cameras.FEATURES:

  • 24-Hours Parking Monitor works on an internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor Level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-min video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT…The camera will give you Voice Alert the next time it starts stating:The Parking Mode Got Activated While You Were AwaySo you know to check the last saved video file to see who crashed your car.
  • The Built-In G-Sensor gets activated by sudden collision and locks the current video file as an important evidence for further investigation. G-Sensor also records the 3-Axis impact data on a X-Y-Z Axis graph, so you can see and prove when and where you hit that pot hole on the road or where exactly the impact occurred on the google maps.

  • With the Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology, the car dash cam can capture clearer videos and photos even in low-light night conditions. F/1.8 Largest Aperture Available + 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens with Proprietary Focal Length of the lens gives you more clear smaller details N/B: No worry in fully dark environment!

  • Time-Lapse Video allows you to capture specific images per second at a much lower rate. So when you combine and play those images at the normal rate, everything seems to be moving faster in time lapse.

    You have three options to choose from:

    • 1 Frame/Second (Normal)
    • 2 Frames/Second (Smooth)
    • 4 Frames/Second (Smoother)
  • Screen Saver will enable the BLACK BACKGROUND after 1-min and only show the following four details to minimize the light form LCD during night. You have ability to Turn the Screen Saver OFF also if you wish.

    It will show you following:

    • Video Recording Status – Blinking Red Dot
    • Live Speed
    • Driving Direction
    • Time
  • Voice Guidance will give you personalized experience. Easy to Navigate and Understand with Voice Guidance and Confirmation.