7 Inch Wireless Baby Monitor 720P HD




You want the best for your baby, so do we!


Always keep a watchful eye on Your Baby with the Wireless Baby Monitor 720P HD!


Whether you’ve got a newborn infant or growing toddler, keeping an eye on them can be challenging, especially when you’re out of eyesight, they’re lying down for a nap, or you’re trying to get housework done.


That’s why we created the Wireless Baby Monitor, an HD screen and remote camera system that lets you see your baby 24/7 (even in the dark) and monitor their safety and well-being—and all without being in the room and in real-time.




  • Smooth, Wireless Connectivity

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection provides a delay-free video with 100% home and baby safe digital privacy to keep you connected up to an amazing 320’ both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for on-the-go, busy-around-the-house parents!


  • Expanded Viewing Options

The Wireless Baby Monitor 7” full-color screen can connect up to four total cameras (please check out other listings for individual cameras) and offers split-screen viewing, allowing you to watch up to four areas. And with tabletop, shelf, or wall-mounted options, you can keep it accessible almost anywhere.


Product Details:


  • Large 7” HD Screen (Real-Time Streaming)
  • Built-In Infrared Night Vision
  • Advanced Privacy Not Hackable via Wi-Fi
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Alarm Function
  • Optional Night Light (3 Modes)
  • Room Temperature Sensor (High/Low Alerts)
  • Plays Lullaby Music
  • Portable, Adjustable Camera (Tabletop or Wall Mount)
  • Power Saving Mode with Sound-Activated LEDs