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Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator

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Have your aquariums turned murky or foggy that you can’t see your fishes swimming anymore? 

STOP aquarium algae growth without chemicals! Make your freshwater tanks crystal clear once more. 

The Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator is a SMART cleaner that keeps aquariums clean and clear.

Releases active oxygen and ions via electrolysis

  • This suppresses algae formation that promotes better growth of aquatic plants.
  • More plants mean more oxygen is produced for carbon dioxide and ammonia absorption released by your fish pets.
  • Maintains the freshwater’s ph level that is most favorable for aquatic life.

Kills pathogenic bacteria that harm aquatic life

  • Bacteria may cause harm to your pets, aquatic plants as well as your own health. The Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator effectively keeps your fish tanks clean resulting in a healthier environment for everybody.

3 application modes for fish, shrimp & plants

  • Easily switch from fish, shrimp or plant mode with the controller.
  • Does not disturb your aqua pets or plants.

Decreases frequency of cleaning

  • Because of its cleaning efficiency, you’ll no longer need to clean your fish tanks often. Makes you save on maintenance cost.

Perfect for any aquarium sizes!

Try this SMART aquarium cleaner NOW and observe your fishes live happily as if they’re under the sea!


Material: Plastic


  • Reactor: 5cm x 9.5cm
  • Controller: 6.2cm x 6.2cm

Voltage: 110-240 V

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 set of the Aqua Algae Sterilizing Oxygenator (1pc. reactor and 1 pc. controller)