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Anti Snoring Device with Silent Vibration Alert

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Say goodbye to snoring with Snore Stopper!

Rest peacefully, without snoring  with this comfortable ring  that will remind you to change your sleeping posture by vibrating!

Utilize the smart app to grasp a more thorough insight into your snoring patterns and snoring time and duration the morning after!

The Snore-Z in-built smart vibrator will nudge your finger when it detects snoring, making you change your sleeping posture to avoid snoring and wheezing while sleeping! 

The ring is very slick and comfortable so you won’t even notice you are wearing it unless it vibrates, of course! 

With Snore Stopper, snoring will be just a distant memory! Get yours today!


EASY TO USE: Simply put it on your finger and open the app that detects the snoring and reminds you by vibrating!

ANALYTICAL: Browse through the app data to see the duration and time mark of your last night’s snoring!  

ADJUSTABLE: Adapt the intensity and strength of the vibration the ring sends to you as you like!

COMFORTABLE: Wear this slick and comfortable ring without noticing it and enjoy sleeping without snoring!



Material: ABS

Battery: Lithium polymer

App for iOS: SnoreZ-snore monitor

Package includes:

1 x SnoreZ Snore Monitor

1 x USB cable

1 x User guide

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Weight 300 kg