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Baby Care Kit

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How about having an all in one Healthcare and Grooming Kit for your newborn baby?


In this Nursery Care Kit, you will find everything your baby needs!


When putting together your baby-gear list, don’t forget all the products you’ll need to help keep your little one clean.

These essential 13 pieces cover your needs, including a thermometer, baby hairbrush, hair comb, nail clippers, nail scissors, nasal aspirator, nose cleaning tweezers, dropper feeder, nail file, and finger toothbrush.

How it works:


  • Forehead Digital Thermometer for an easy, accurate temperature reading
  • The soft bristle brush is great for newborns and babies with sensitive skin
  • Nail Clippers and Emery Boards just the right size for tiny, newborn fingers
  • If the hair gets long and wavy you have the comb there to use. The rounded ends will ensure that your baby stays happy and comfortable.




  • Specially designed for newborn babies

  • Item: Length

  • 1 X Nasal aspirator: 8.5cm/3.35in

  • 1 X Finger Toothbrush: 5.5cm/2.17in

  • 1 X Brush: 12cm/4.72in

  • 1 X Thermometer: 12cm/4.72in

  • 1 X Nail scissors: 6cm/2.3in

  • 1 X Tweezers: 8.5cm/3.35in

  • 1 X Roundhead scissors: 9.8cm/3.86in

  • 1 X Comb: 12cm/4.72in

  • 1 X Dropper applicator: 12cm/4.72in

  • 1 X Nail file: 10cm/3.94in

  • 1 X Frog water thermometer: 11cm/4.33in

  • 1 X Long ear spoon: 13cm/5.12in

  • 1 X Spoon medicine machine: 13cm/5.12in

  • 1 X Handbag: Length: 24cm/9.45in, Width: 21cm/8.27in, Height: 4.5cm/1.77in