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Baby Door Lock




Our Baby Door Lock was designed especially for children safety, to protect your children from potential danger in your house like playing with knives, gas, playing the toilet, electric devices, also from messing up the room, or soundlessly going out but you are not paying attention.



  • Strong Adhesive Tape: This Baby Door Lock adopts double-sided tape with strong glue holds up greatly to the door, durable enough to offers better protection to your baby.



  • Easy For Adults To Use: Locking and unlocking is very simple for adults, press the two buttons, then you can move the wings to the sides, you can leave it to unlock for your convenience when you are with your child all the time.



  • Great Compatibility: This Baby Door Lock can be applied to different doors with a LEVER HANDLE, including glass, wooden, metal or plastic door, please note that the surface should be SMOOTH so that it could be sticky enough to make it last.



  • Simple Installation: Please clean the door before you apply the lock, then peel off the adhesive film and stick it to the right spot on the door, press it to make it fit evenly and leave it for 10 minutes before you start using the adhesive childproof locks.




  • Color: White.

  • Weight: 150g. (0.33 lbs)

  • Material: Eco-friendly PVC.



Installation instructions:

  1. Rotate the lock arms to open position.

  2. Before peeling the adhesive tape, please test the space and mark location on the door with a pencil, make sure that it has been put in the right place.

  3. Remove the adhesive tape, place lock on the pencil marks.

  4. Press buttons on top and bottom to move handles into a locked or unlocked position.



Package Includes:

  • 1 x Child Safety Proof Doors Handle Lock.