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Bathtub Tray




This Bathtub Tray is a must have for bath time!


Experience luxurious dining inside your bathroom like a king or a queen with our high-end bathtub tray.


This tray is capable of holding a smartphone/tablet, wine glass, and two candles.


Finished with a water-resistant coating to help prevent water from soaking into the wood!


28 inch long by 8.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.


This high-end item is made of top of the line materials that will look sophisticated and classy even when it gets wet.



  • Durable bamboo and metal material.

  • Can be placed on a bathtub.

  • Tablets and books can be held with metal rack stably for reading when bathing

  • Length adjustable

  • Supporting rack slope is 3 level adjustable

  • Varnish finish

  • Lightweight and easy to use