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Cordless Handheld Tapping Massager


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Regenerate Your Muscles!

Relax anytime and anywhere with the Cordless Handheld Tapping Massager. It is equipped with a high performing rechargeable battery allowing you to take time to enjoy a massage without worrying about power cords. During your lunch or straight after exercise you can decide when is good for you, and with a battery life of 2 hours (at medium intensity) there is no need to rush.

This powerful massage device lets you enjoy several different massage types with 4 exchangeable attachments (warming/cooling/soft/trigger point) and 5 levels of intensity, no massage will be the same but you can be assured all will be deep-acting and soothing to relieve tension and kick start the regeneration of your muscles after sports!

  • WELLNESS ON THE GO – Treat yourself to a relaxing spa-like massage wherever you are! With an extra-long battery life of 2 hours, this cordless massager is the ideal gym companion
  • RELAX AND REGENERATE – The Cordless Handheld Tapping Massager penetrates the deeper layers of the muscle to help with deep relaxation. It soothes tensions, improves blood circulation, and helps with stress relief and stiffness
  • TAPPING MASSAGE – Through rhythmic and intense movements, this type of massage prepares the muscles for an intensive fitness session and helps to relax them afterward
  • VERSATILE – It comes with 4 interchangeable attachments (warming attachment, cooling attachment, soft attachment, and trigger-point attachment), 5 intensity levels, and 2 function levels
  • AREAS OF APPLICATION – Thanks to its removable handle, the body massager is very versatile and can be used on the back and lower back, as well as along the spine, neck and shoulders, and legs

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