Building Blocks Playroom Wall Set




Are your kids fans of building blocks?

Well, build Your Kid’s building blocks Kingdom on a wall with this Building Blocks Playroom Wall Set!

Simply mount building baseplates on the wall and build hundreds of building blocks creations on it!

Sturdy & Durable Building Baseplates
Made of non-toxic premium quality ABS material which is slightly bendable and not easily deformed.

The perfect base for building, displaying and playing with your Kid’s creations.

Unique Lego Playroom Experience!
This Lego set turns your kid’s wall into a wonderful playroom that will keep them busy building their own creations for hours!

It is also an ideal choice to have a bonding moment with your kids while enjoying their new Lego playroom set.

Enhances Child’s Creativity While Having FUN!
Helps develop your kid’s creativity and imagination by building bricks on their own and creating wonderful pieces while having FUN!

A great supplement to any LEGO collection to keep your Kids’ creations organized as they build their favorite sets characters, and figures displayed on the wall.

Easy Mount Installation
Simply stick the adhesive tape at the back of the baseplate, remove the protective film and mount on a cleaned and smooth wall surface.

Ensures building baseplate won’t fall off easily.

Keep your kid’s creations displayed on the wall.

Mount this Building Blocks Playroom Wall Set NOW!


Material: ABS

Size: 10″ x 10″ (25.5 x 25.5cm)

Colors Available: White / Orange / Pink / Red / Yellow / Cream / Light Gray / Dark Gray / Light Blue / Navy Blue / Light Green / Dark Green

Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle…

4 base plates + 250 pcs building blocks
6 base plates + 250 pcs building blocks
9 base plates + 250 pcs building blocks

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