Car Electric Heated Seat




Avoid winter side-effects, use the car seat warmer!

Enjoy the total comfort and luxury of heated seats with the heated car seat cushion cover. The heating elements begin heating within seconds and all by using your low-voltage cigarette lighter as the power source. Warm your car seat up to 50°C.

Get immediate warmth at your seat on a cold winter day with the Car Electric Heated Seat, especially suited for drivers and office workers.

Driving out in the cold won’t do you any good.

These heated car seat cushions help keep you warm while you drive.

The cushions are universal and fit on almost any car seat.

Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and adjust the heat to your preference!

The Car Electric Heated Seat is resistant to moisture, durable and has a long service time. You can now keep your seat warm in the winter.

It is non-slip mesh at the bottom and thus not easy to fall off.

The Car Electric Heated Seat is made of high-quality breathable fabrics, superior workmanship and has a temperature range of 30℃-50℃.

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