Compressed Organizer Bags




You do not have to struggle to stuff clothes into your closet, dresser, or luggage anymore. The Compressed Organizer is an amazing mini vacuum buddy that helps you organize and pack more effectively. Save-space in your closet, and go crazy shopping with the peace of mind that you will be able to bring back your stuff without needing to get additional luggage.


Downgrade your checked bags to carry-on when you pack your clothes with this vacuum pump. Capable of reducing the size of soft goods by up to 70 percent, the Compressed Organizer with Bags Bundle removes air and compresses items placed inside the provided reusable bags. When you’re not vacationing abroad, this pump is a dream for long-term-storage, too, letting you pack away bulky winter coats or last summer’s beachwear with minimal hassle.



  • Reduces the volume of items with good compression effect for the ultimate space-saving solution.

  • It’s easy to use. Just open the bag, store whatever you need, close the bag, vacuum it up. Easy to clean, reusable.

  • Perfect for comforters & blankets, pillows, sweaters, jackets, seasonal clothing, and all other bulky items.

  • Great for use at home, traveling, moving house, etc. Easy to inflate.

  • Bag Dimensions: 15.8IN Χ 19.7IN (40X50CM)

  • Manually operated

  • Reduces the size of soft goods by 70%