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Creative Food Preservation Tray




The average American family uses 24 rolls of shrink wrap per year. Two boxes of shrink wrap, ranging from three to five dollars each, per month adds up to around nearly $90 per year. Stop throwing your money away, literally!

We all love fresh food, but the brownish leftovers? Not so much. With this innovative Food Preservation Tray, your food stays fresh for days. A resistant film lid releases the air from the tray after it’s filled, keeping contents fresh. Simply fill, cover, release air and lock until ready to serve.

Save money and contribute to reduce waste! Not more wrapping your food with shrink wrap and toxic aluminum! This innovate, space-saver food preservation tray is safe, durable, and eco friendly.

Foods such as meat, cheese, fish, fruits, etc. are perfectly covered by the ultra-resistant film in the lid and sealed in the blink of an eye. Finally, no open packaging and unpleasant odors in the fridge.


  • Airtight seal keeps your food fresh and prevents browning.
  • Doubles as a tray for serving.
  • Made of odor-proof, stain-resistant, BPA-free elastic film.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 100% leak-proof.
  • Stacks to one another for optimal pantry or fridge organization.