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Cut & Drain Chopping Board

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This amazing Cut & Drain Chopping Board extends to fit the width of the sink for mess-free cutting and draining! Work right over the sink – and prevent a big mess on your counters and floor. The prep surface leads right to the strainer so you can send scraps directly inside for later disposal. Or, you can use it for rinsing and draining fruits and vegetables. Made with durable materials with a textured surface that resists scratches, and handles allow for easy opening and closing.



  • Designed for you to work directly over your sink
  • This chopping board won’t take up any more of your precious counter space, allowing you to fully maximize your kitchen space
  • Fits most sink shapes & sizes, compact space-saver design collapses, and folds, easy to store in tight cabinets and limited space
  • Built-in strainer, great for food cleaning and preparation.
  • Dimensions: 14.2in. x 9.0in. (36cm x 23cm)