Dinosaur World Map PlaySet




Are you concerned about your kid getting addicted to gadgets?


Give your kids the chance to spend long play hours exploring the dinosaur world. This is a complete 54 pieces set of Dinosaur World Map action figures, as well as a compelling Dino park mat that can hone their exploration skills.

It is large enough for 2 to 4 players to spend quality time together.

Ultimate realistic dinosaurs – this interactive Dinosaur World Map Playset includes Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus and many more in total 12 dinosaurs. Made of non-toxic PVC, plus hand-painted make them more durable and realistic. Large dinosaur figures of all types ensure safety for kids, eliminating CHOKING.

Education & development Playset – the realistic dinosaur figures will spark hours of imaginative play. Make away your kids from electronics and let your child’s imagination run. Kids can learn to name different locations and traffic rules! Boys and girls can use their own car toy models to express their imagination and play as a car driver driving in the city. It is educational and can practice your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination 


Never go wrong as a gift – all dinosaurs can be stored in a sturdy carrying case with handle. It is perfect for a birthday party, Christmas, holiday or Impulse gift. Meantime, it can be played at home, outdoor or as Part of a science project at school. The vibrant colors, the great attention to detail and the realistic moves make this dinosaur play set your #1 gift to a Dino Lover.


Dinosaur World Map Play Sets 

Dinosaur World Map Sizes:

  • Size 1: 33 in. x 23 in.(83 cm x 58 cm)
  • Size 2: 51 in. x 39 in. (130 cm x 100 cm)


Package Includes:

  • Dinosaur World Map (Different in Sizes)
  • Road Signs – 28 pieces
  • Dinosaurs – 12 pieces
  • Trees – 10 pieces
  • Cars – 4 pieces