Dual Digital Lab Test 110V

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For industrial projects, product testing, or outdoor home use, this Dual Digital Lab Test 110V DC power supply fits many needs. With a full load, it will provide power for at least 24 hours. A dual-LED display provides three digital markers. The steel casing makes this 7-pound power supply quite portable. There are multiple protections making this a reliable supply, including over voltage, open circuit, and over temperature protections. This Power supply also has an intelligent temperature control design to ensure safety.


  • Dual LED Three Digital Tube Display
  • Constant voltage and constant current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion)
  • Multiple protections: over voltage (OVP), open circuit (OCP),over temperature (OTP)
  • Safe circuit design, high quality key components adopted, the power supply can be used in 24 hours with full load
  • Intelligent temperature control fan adjusts the speed according to the load situation, effectively reduce noise and prolong the life of fan
  • PWM switching voltage stabilizer, MOS linear adjustment mode
  • Durable steel case
  • Perfect for product testing aging, battery industry, inverter, LED manufacturing industry, and other all need dc regulated power supply