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Earwax Vacuum Remover

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Not hearing what others say?

End your suffering today with a safe and simple solution to remove earwax in no time!

Avoid ear drops that fail to clear out the wax build-up or tools that risk causing more damage than help.

Cleaning your ears shouldn’t be a painful and long procedure.


The Earwax Vacuum Remover is the most gentle way to remove dirt particles and moisture out of your ears.

Its is a simple and safe solution that even kids will find it easy and painless to use.

Why you need this?

  • To clean your ears safely and quickly
  • To avoid ear blockage
  • To effectively remove dirt, moisture, and earwax


Gentle and safe

The Earwax Vacuum Remover is a safe alternative to the usual methods of wax removal that either consist of potentially damaging tools or ineffective ear drops.

It’s made of BPA free plastic with a soft head that adapts to any ear hole size.

The head’s length is safe and gentle and can be applied to both adults and kids’ ear depth. Once turned on, it vibrates and removes any excess ear wax and dirt quickly, causing no pain.

It’s a completely safe way to clean your ears that doesn’t take up much time and that can be done as often as needed.


Effective and simple

Switch the Earwax Vacuum Remover on, place the tube in the ear hole and begin the suction.

The wax build-up and any dirt will be easily removed with a gentle vibration.

Sightly turn it around to make sure that it manages to fully remove the ear wax.

With this product, you will find instant relief.

All you need is one battery to get it working.


Durable and Lightweight

The Earwax Vacuum Remover is made of 1in. (2.5cm) elastic material, in order to protect your ear and ensure that your eardrum will remain unharmed.

The head is soft and adapts to any size of earholes, while the device is so light that it can be used by anyone.

This is your new ideal portable ear cleaning solution.


Kids can use it too

The non-invasive brush head can be used on people of all ages, even children. The only thing that will be felt is the gentle vibration of the vacuum which is completely safe.

The Earwax Vacuum Remover offers a painless procedure, which picks up the ear wax efficiently and simply.


Portable and Convenient

Its light weight and its size, 1in. x 5.1in.(2.5cm x 13.0cm), make it really easy to pack up and go.

This ensures that you will be able to clean your ears from any build-up wax or dirt at any time needed and makes it also possible to take it with you while you travel.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and unblocked ears at any moment.


Easy to clean

Thanks to the detachable head, it can be cleaned in just a few seconds.

Every Earwax Vacuum Remover comes with a small brush made specifically to clean the inside of the device and remove any dirt and wax from it.

The head of the device can be cleaned under the tap.

With a quick clean you are ready to go again!

NOTE- Not for children under 12 years old without Adult Supervision. Do not wash the device body with water.