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Electric Cordless Callus Remover with Rechargeable Battery




Make Your Feet Soft and Silky!

The Electric Cordless Callus Remover with Rechargeable Battery is gentle on your feet and easy to use, and quickly helps you achieve soft, silky feet. This electronic foot file is designed to remove hard skin for smooth results after just one use. It buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with smooth feet you’ll want to show off. Maintaining soft, beautiful feet has never been so effortless.


  • Easy to Get Started
    Insert the roller into the device, making sure it is fully engaged. Insert the batteries and turn on the device. Do not soak your feet before using the Amope Pedi Perfect. This will make it impossible for the hard skin to be effectively removed. For best results, your feet should be clean and dry.

  • Simple Operation
    Move the unit in regular passes over the dry, dead skin, applying light to medium pressure. Continue with regular passes until the dead skin is removed and your feet feel silky soft. Stop if the skin becomes sore or inflamed.

  • Moisturize after Use
    Wipe or rinse feet to remove any excess dead skin and thoroughly dry feet. Finish by applying a foot balm or cream, such as Coolmade Pedi Perfect Daily Moisturizer.

  • Individualize Your Treatment
    Use in successive sessions until your feet feel soft and are free from hard skin. Treatment length is different for each individual and depends on how much pressure is placed on your feet during daily activities, exercise, and the fit of your shoes.

  • Exfoliate Quickly and Easily
    The skin on your feet is 20 times thicker than on the rest of your body, so it helps to do ‘something special’ for the appearance of your feet. The Coolmade Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File is specially designed with a Micralumina roller head to quickly and easily remove tough, thick skin by exfoliating the foot through a gentle and safe rotating action. And because it contains no sharp blades, so it’s safe to use as directed.

  • Replace Roller Head as Needed
    The roller head should be replaced when it starts to show signs of wear which depends on the intensity and duration of the treatment sessions. 
    To replace the roller head, ensure the unit is turned off and remove from the unit by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit. Gently pull the roller away from the unit. 

  • Place the new roller in the unit by pressing in the pins on either side of the roller head and inserting the head into the device.
    Check that the roller head is securely attached to the device before use.
Package included:1pcs ( Note: Only battery operated). Color shipped randomly.