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Family Camping Tent

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When You Can’t Get Outside With Your Kids, Try Camping at Home 

Shhh! That’s not just the wind – there’s definitely something out there, moving around outside the tent. A lion, perhaps; do they hunt at night? Or a polar bear? I believe they often rip tents apart in order to devour the human occupants. Unless of course it’s just Gatsby, next door’s cat, out on the scrounge again or pooing in our flower bed.

No need to go outside and check. Why? Because you’re playing with your kids in the Family Camping Tent at home. This tent is the ideal sollution to keep your children entertained and spend hours of play and family bonding.



  • Tent, rainproof sunscreen
  • Easy to install: The tent is equipped with a hydraulic automatic system, which can be quickly opened and closed, saving time and effort,the bracket is made of fiberglass rods,more durable
  • Function: waterproof oxford cloth, waterproof coefficient is 3000mm, tent top cap design, more effective waterproof, silver sunscreen coating, effective sun protection,the tent door can be supported by poles,as a awning
  • Capacity: large space, small size can accommodate 3-4 people, spacious and comfortable
  • Breathable: air circulation, four-sided ventilation, double door and large mesh window design on both sides, anti-mosquito, not stuffy
  • Size: 85″x85″x56″(length x width x height) – 215x215x142cm(length x width x height)