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Fruit Juice Squeezer

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Get the perfect glass of juice!

Although using an electric juicer may seem very convenient, many people simply give up using them after a couple of tries. The juice has an awful taste, is almost devoid of any nutrients, but the worst part is the disassembly and cleanup of all that mess

That’s why manual juicers have their advantages, and choosing the right one may just be the thing that gives you the perfect glass of juice each and every time!

The Fruit Juice Squeezer is a manual juice squeezer designed to extract juice from fruit with minimum effort while keeping all the good stuff in the juice!

The simple, yet very efficient lever system turns juice squeezing into a laborless task- simply put pieces of fruit into the squeezer and squeeze!

If you don’t like pulp in your juice, simply put the fruit into a filter bag and dispose of the pulp after squeezing, then just rinse it in a few seconds and store it away!

Keep all the good stuff in your home-made juice! 


Effortless manual squeezing: Utilize the big lever and get every bit of juice out of the fruit without putting in too much labor!

Nutrient and taste preserving: Unlike electric juicers which cause a loss of nutrients and give your juice a poor taste, the Fruit Juice Squeezer keeps all the good stuff inside!

Easy to clean and maintain: Use a filter bag for convenient and mess-free juice extraction, after which you can simply dispose of the pulp or put it back in your juice!

Heavy-duty squeezer: A high-quality aluminum and steel alloy gives the juicer a long life and makes it corrosion resistant, which offers you a sturdy and reliable juice squeezing tool that will last you for years!

Technical specifications:

Color: Silver

Weight: 800g

Material: Aluminium alloy

Package includes:

1x Fruit Juice Squeezer

Additional information

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