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Handmade Sphere Spinner Ring

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Hold the universe in the palm of your hand and wear it on your finger.

Lovers of astronomy and astrology alike will swoon over our armillary sphere spinner rings, which served as status symbols of wisdom and faith.

Originally designed over 400 years ago, the rings look like any other when closed. But these stunning armillary sphere rings unfold to reveal the celestial lines of longitude, latitude, and the earth’s equator. They were made by skilled metalworkers and specifically designed to aid stargazers.

It has the impeccable design of fine jewelry and the fun practicality of an elevated fidget spinner. Wear it as a pendant, or simply fold back together and wear like a normal ring.

Made of quality metal and plated in gold and silver, our two color options and unisex design are perfect for both men and women. The armillary sphere ring comes in sizes from 5 to 11.

If you love looking at the stars at the majesty of the heavens above, you’ll love being able to take the stars with you wherever you go with this celestial ring.