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Hose Splitter

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Our Hose Splitter allows you to extend pipes and tubings around your home easily. With this inexpensive yet durable item, pipe connections and extension can be easily made without the need for professional plumbers, and thus saving you a lot of money. Professionals and homeowners alike will benefit from its durability and easy installation.


Instantly create two tap outlets with this hose splitter 2-way connector and eliminate the stress of constantly switching out hoses. The adjustable flow control makes it easy to use this faucet splitter as a garden hose pressure regulator by simply adjusting the levers, giving you the perfect flow for watering plants, washing your car, or cleaning the siding.


  • Universal fit into common plumbings and even hoses.
  • The splitter allows you to have a two-way path for water supply so you can use a single water source at the same time like cleaning the car while refilling a water receptacle.
  • Comes with valve-switch for each of the water outlets.
  • Easy to install
  • Robust and sturdy materials.