Household Energy Power Saver

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Every single second your household appliances are plugged in, they’re costing you money – even when you’re not using them. These parasitic energy losses build up day and night, stealing your hard earned money.

The Household Energy Power Saver works by installing a reactive component into your household circuit which smooths out the current frequency – allowing appliances to operate at a much more efficient energy level while reducing electromagnetic emissions from all connected electronics. Starting up in 1998, Household Energy Power Saver technology has helped thousands of people save on their energy bills – but they have since begun to rapidly grow in popularity.

People who have a family with four children use a lot of electricity. Energy consumption bills are very high, but now they pay 50% less on their electricity bills.

You can do it too!

When running your home is costing you less – you have more money for the things you enjoy. Within 1 year of installing Household Energy Power Saver, hundreds of dollars will be saved. This is the most profitable investment you can make! Better still, Household Energy Power Saver uses ultra-reliable technology, with an average lifespan of over 10 years – so it will continue to save you money for many, many years to come.

Devices and home appliances draw more power than they really use. But still, that’s power you have to pay for. The Household Energy Power Saver handles these inefficiencies by improving the power stream. That way you only pay for the electricity you consume.

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The Household Energy Power Saver is constantly improving your power stream by capturing and straightening the current of otherwise lost energy. That way your electricity consumption will be lower.

The Household Energy Power Saver reduces electricity consumption by 50%!

This results in less kilowatt usage from your power company, which means lower electric bills! Now you can save up to $30 to $40, sometimes even $50, every month.


TIP: If your house is more than 2000 square foot we recommend buying more than one Household Energy Power Saver to improve its effectiveness. 

It is recommended to install a Household Energy Power Saver at each power outlet where highly consuming electronics are based – eg, Television, refrigerator, freezer, electric oven, home computer, electric heaters, washing machine/dryers.

  • Easy to use. Just plug it into the socket!
  • The savings speak for themselves! A more effective utilisation of energy saves money.
  • Extensively tested and retested for your safety.
  • Saves electricity and prolongs the lifespan of home appliances.
  • Pays itself back in just 1-3 months – then provides many years of savings to enjoy.
  • Lowers the electromagnetic radiation from devices, safe for children and pets.