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Large Waterproof Baby Changing Bag with USB Charging Port




Still looking for those diapers and baby bottles?

This Diaper Bag Has It All!

Starting with the USB charging system built right into the bag, keeping baby bottle warmers heating and phones charged. Simply run your cable through the charging system and plug into your charging dock. Being on the go has never been easier.
The bag is made with the softest, honeycomb mesh so parents don’t have to strain there backs and shoulders carrying around the baby essentials! Don’t Want to carry the backpack? That’s fine. Our diaper bag comes with universal straps for any stroller.
The Ultimate Diaper Bag is deep and has sewn pockets on the insidethat is perfect for diaper storage. We also added a zipper on the back of the bag for easy access inside!
The front compartment of the bag had multiple insulated thermal slotsfor keeping bottles warm on-the-go.
The side of the backpack has a slot for tissues or wet wipes
The Bags come in 8 colors to choose from and if your order now you get a matching insulated thermal pouch for your baby bottle, absolutely free.


USB Charging –Made with a USB charging port, you can heat up your baby bottle with a USB bottle warmer, or keep your phone charged while on the go.

Waterproof – Made of High-Quality water-resistant polyester on the inside and outside, this bag was made to last and fit your every day Mother needs. When you need to carry all of your baby necessities it can be messy. We have tested and designed this bag so no matter the mess it doesn’t seep through to different compartments.

Extremely Durable – Carry a ton of weight with no stress of damaging the bag. All your mommy gear can add up, carrying that and your child at the same time is unimaginable. This design gives you more than enough for any baby essentials while on the go!

Fashionable – You will receive tons of compliments on this bag, not only is it functional it’s also stylish. We found while testing it that people were surprised it was specifically made for childcare.

Large Capacity – Including 1 large main compartment, a front pouch that holds 3 bottles, a tissue box pouch on the side and 11 insulated separate pockets made for wet clothes or clothes this bag provides you with more than enough room for anything you need on the go.

Carry It However You Like – Use the shoulder straps to carry it like a backpack, carry it like a handbag with the top straps or even use the clip to attach the top to a stroller! This bag is ready to go where ever you are.

Backpack Liner Frame –  While using your baby products from the bag the bag will not just fold and fall over. We have made the top of the main pouch lined with a frame so that it keeps your bag upright when you’re taking care of your child or multi-tasking.

A must have for any active parent!



  • Weight: 1.54 lb.
  • Dimensions: L x W x H = 10.6 x 8.2 x 16.5 inch
  • Coming in 8 different colors!
  • USB charging system