Lumbar Back Pain Relief Belt

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Loosen tight muscles and get rid of back pain quickly and easily!

Take advantage of the spinal decompression therapy effect and completely heal your back pain in a natural way!

Stabilize your lower back and achieve a taller and straighter posture just by wearing this belt!

Treat your back pain without having to spend huge amounts of money on expensive massages and chiropractors!

Simply put it on and wear it under your shirt every day and stop worrying about back pain and posture.

Get rid of back pain without having to go to a specialist!


Natural healing: This belt uses the spinal decompression therapy method which strengthens your muscles and heals back pain in a natural way.

Corrects posture: By strengthening your lower back muscles it corrects your posture and makes you stand tall.

Saves time and money: By wearing this belt you save both time and money, it eliminates the need to go to expensive massages and chiropractors.

Easy to use: This belt can be worn under clothes during everyday activities, and ensures back pain relief without having to change your daily routine.



Gender: Unisex

Color: Beige

Intended Use: Back & Lumbar Support

Outer layer: PU

Inner layer: cotton

Inner layer of air inflation: TPU

Package includes:

1 x Traction Belt

1 x Hand Air Pump

1 x Extend Belt

1 x Use Manual

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