Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Look and Really Feel Your Best At All Times with Beautiful Make-up and Glowing Skin!

Did you know that using dirty makeup brushes clog pores, creates acne, skin irritations, and can lead to pink eye and staph infections? Prevent those bothersome breakouts by sanitizing your makeup brushes and feel rejuvenated with super soft clear skin.

Easy eradicating built up residue generated by the foundation, concealer, powder, and facial oils! Feel the fabulous sensation of like-new, lavish bristles and greatly extend the life of your makeup brush set.

Hand cleaning our makeup brushes is tiring and often overlooked for weeks. When we do clean them, it takes a while and we have to wait for them to dry. With our makeup brush cleaner, we cut the time down to mere seconds! Enjoy a freshly clean and dry brush within 60 seconds all while keeping your hands clean and not disfiguring the bristles.

Directions: Just three quick steps to clean makeup brushes.

1. Dip and Dunk

2. Spin to Rinse

3. Spin to Dry.

A rechargeable base means that your Makeup Brush Cleaner will always be charged and ready to go.