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Mini Grill Cheese Melting Raclette





Crazy about cheese? Now you can easily melt cheese and add it to your dishes with the Mini Grill Cheese Melting Raclette. This portable melting raclette features a heating base, cooking tray, and spatula that will help you cook and spread cheese on dishes the elegant way possible.

Features and benefits:

  • Grills cheese to gooey perfection: This personal cheese melter can turn any cheese into melty magnificence in just four minutes! It grills layers of cheese to gooey perfection that’s best for boiled potatoes, nachos, grilled sandwiches, baguettes, toasts, cornichons, dried meats, and pickled vegetables.
  • Easy to use: No lighter fluids or cords needed. This mini grill only needs 3 tea lights (not included) to cook your cheese. In addition, the cooking tray has a non-stick coating so sliding the cheese out is easy with the included spatula.
  • Convenient: The tray and grill fold up for compact storage and portability, making it easy to bring on picnics or your friend’s house for a raclette dinner party.
  • A breeze to clean: The non-stick surface of the tray and spatula ensure no grease or cheese is left behind, making it easy to clean by hand washing with warm water and soap.