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Bicycle Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm

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Always worried about your Bike getting stolen?

The Bicycle Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm is an Intelligent Security Alarm Lock

It is a 4 in 1 Wireless Alarm / IPX5 Waterproof Tested / USB Charging

Its Motion Detection Security really makes people stay away from your Bike.

The Bicycle Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm is the Best Combination of Bright Taillight + Intelligent Remote Alarm + Electric Bell to protect your bike from theft.

This intelligent tail light has an Ultra loud siren that is activated when the bike is knocked or moved. The piercing sound is sharp enough to frighten and deter thieves. The Light feature is extremely bright and has 3 different settings to suit your riding preference. This can be set manually or via the remote control. There is also a bell function which gives off a precise crisp sound which is great for warning other road users. It’s also very handy for locating your bike.

All operations can be performed by the Remote Control.

A must have for all cyclists!