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Plush Stick Horse

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This Plush Stick Horse is exactly what every cowboy and cowgirl needs to have some cowboy fun. The 30in. sized stick horse is the perfect way for all your cowboys to have a rodeo. This item contains a voice box and can make galloping noises.
Complete the look with cowboy hats, mustaches, bandanas, and more. Create magical make-believe moments with a cowboy and Western birthday party.

Every boy loves a little dress up for a great cowboy birthday party. You can also decorate your Western party with a Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Theme. Setup everything from Ella’s Milkshake Saloon, Uncle Bun’s general store.

Sheriff Callie’s wild west is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. Let your kids pretend that they are in Nice and Friendly Corners, Sheriff Callie’s town, and have them practice the Cowpoke Code while they are pretending to be any of their favorite characters from Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. With all kinds of fun characters on Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, there is plenty of fun costume ideas that everyone at the party can dress up as. Sheriff Callie, Peck the woodpecker, Ella Cowbelle, Priscilla the skunk, Mr. Dillo, Uncle Bun, Doc Quackers, Dirty Dan, and many more. Every character is more fun than the last in Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

So throw a Sheriff Callie party for your kids this year!