Rapid Peeler

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Peel any piece of fruit or vegetable within 10 seconds!

Quickly and easily peel any piece of fruit or veggie with the Rapid Peeler! Spare yourself the time and effort it takes to peel manually and turn peeling into a painless and effortless task

Simply wash the vegetable or fruit you wish to peel, stick it to the base of the peeler, turn it on and watch as the Rapid Peeler gets the whole peeling job done in just 10 seconds!

The movable pin at the top of the peeler adapts to the size of the fruit or veggie while the middle lifting arm adjusts to the shape, giving you a perfectly peeled piece of vegetable or fruit each time, no matter the shape and size!

You can power the device via a standard power outlet, or simply insert 4 AA batteries and make it even more convenient to use! The device comes with three razor-sharp blades that will easily outperform any manual peeler, saving you time, effort, and money!

Spare yourself the laborious task of manual peeling!

Make peeling easier: Save time on manual peeling and get the job done faster than ever by peeling any piece of fruit or veggie in just 10 seconds!

Multiple power supplies: Plug the device into a power outlet or insert 4 AA batteries to make it even more convenient to use!

Razor-sharp blades: The premium stainless steel blades (2 spare ones included in the kit) are superior to any manual peeler and let you peel more fruits and vegetables, sparing you time and effort!

Simple to use: Give the piece of vegetable or fruit a good wash, stick it on the spike, press the power button, and let the self-adjusting peeling arm do the peeling job for you in mere seconds!

Technical specifications:

Material: ABS

Color: Black/White

Power: 100-240V / 4 AA batteries

Package includes:

1x automatic peeling device

1x power cable

2x spare stainless steel blades

1x thumb knife