Recurve Archery Bow

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Take a bow!


Archery is an Olympic discipline that spans through plenty of centuries and that combines mental and physical strength. Do you think you have what it takes to tame this beautiful sport?


We are here for you and provide you with this High-Quality Recurve Takedown Archery Bow. It is a special bow that can perform well in both indoor archery and outdoor hunting. Its Takedown design makes it easily to be shipped or carried for outdoor sports or hunting.


This Recurve Takedown Archery Bow is light (35-40lbs. or 15-18kg) and much easier to use and carry than a Compound Bow.



We would like to remind you that when you play around with our bows, please follow every rule you have learned of archery:


  • Check bow and accessories carefully before shooting.
  • Find a safe place before shooting, don’t aim anything except the arrow target. 


And the most important:
NEVER DRY FIRE, as it can cause serious damage to the various parts of your bow. In the worst-case scenario, it can even shatter the bow, causing you harm.

Arrows are not included.




  • Draw Weight: 30-45 lbs 
  • Take Down Design – Easily Carried Out
  • Great for both archery and hunting shooting
  • Strong fiberglass limbs.
  • The hard edges of the riser (handle) and limb pockets have been rounded to provide a sleeker, lighter weight, and more comfortable experience.