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Side Sleeper Knee Pillow

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Side-sleepers are going to get the best night’s rest!

Side sleepers want to keep their knees cushioned, rather than having them rub together during the night, causing restless, broken sleep and poor posture. The Side Sleeper Knee Pillow is designed to fit between the knees or thighs of sleepers and won’t move during sleep. Also, the highly durable memory foam will retain its shape night after night without deforming.

This pillow is specifically designed to alleviate discomfort from knee arthritis, spinal misalignment, bad backs, hip bursitis, sciatica, assorted back injuries, recent surgeries and even from pregnancy! Sleep well with the Side Sleeper Knee Pillow!


  • Ergonomically designed memory foam pillow fits comfortably between your knees or thighs to provide maximum comfort and support while relieving pressure on your lower back and minimize pain from sciatica, bursitis or injuries.
  • Designed to be comfortable and to stay in place while retaining its shape, provides long-lasting comfort.
  • Keep your legs, hip, and spine in ideal alignment while sleeping to improves circulation and prevent discomfort.
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic zippered cover is machine washable and ensures the pillow does not get warm while in use.

Please note: Place air the pillow out for at least an hour prior to sleeping the first time. Do not machine wash or dry the pillow itself. Spot clean only with a damp cloth.
Dimensions: 10.04 in. Χ 8.07 in. Χ 5.71 in.