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Solar-Powered LED Gutter Lights (4 Pack)




• The Solar-Powered LED Gutter Lights are great for finding your front door and warding off robbers!

• A well-lit home appears safer | Rugged, weather-resistant design

• Clip-on, easy to attach design | 12cm diameter lights

If your home is well lit at night then it’s less likely to be targeted by robbers which is why these Solar-Powered LED Gutter Lights are such a great idea. They’re easy to clip to your gutters, walls, and doors, while they charge during the day and then shine brightly at night. Not only are they a great burglar deterrent but they make it easy to find your way to the front door in the dark or even for adding a little light to your backyard. Plus the water-resistant design can stand up to the weather meaning you’ll have light – even in the worst weather.


• 4-LED Portable Solar Lights
• 8 – 10 Hours working time by 6 – 8 Hours charge during the day
• Each light includes all you need to install
• An affordable security aid – well-lit homes less like to be targeted by robbers
• Solar powered design charges during the day and shines brightly at night
• Lights turn on automatically at dusk
• Water resistant and durable design
• The clip-on design is easy to attach to gutters, walls, doors & more
• 12cm diameter light
• Built-in rechargeable batteries