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Space Shuttle Lamp

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To the moon and back with the amazing Space Shuttle Lamp!

Need a great decorative lamp light in your room that brings “the universe” to you which is also environment-friendly? The Space Shuttle Lamp is an ideal solution for you!

New 3D printing technology allows us to enjoy everyday activities such as sleeping with this fascinating lamp which is not made of plastic and because of that it’s eco-friendly!

Adjust the light intensity by pressing the button on the bottom of the lamp! Leave it in the dim mode for sleeping or set the high brightness for working or kids’ playing! It is a gorgeous present for any space and rocket lovers!

Non-slip base prevents the lamp from falling down and breaking! It is great for wooden or plastic tables!

The best thing is that it is USB rechargeable and it has an eight hour lifetime!

Bring the universe in your room! Get yours today!


3D printing lamp: It is an energy-saving and eco-friendly lamp made by new technology that uses special raw material from renewable plant resources, it’s pollution-free and safe!

Flame effect: The flame effect is the perfect night orange light! Use it for room decoration and light the place at the same time!

Non-slipping base: It is great for any kind of mat because it won’t slip and fall from the desk or any place you put it on! The ideal lamp for kids’ bedrooms and space lovers!

USB charging: There is the USB port on the bottom of the lamp that you use for charging! When it’s charged fully has an eight hour lifetime!

Technical specifications:

Material: ABS

Battery: Polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity: 800 mAh

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Lifetime: 6-10 hours

Product voltage: 3.7V

Interface type: micro USB

Additional information

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