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Potxud Stove Protector Liner (2PCS)

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Is cleaning after cooking always irritate you?

The food stain is splashing everywhere over the cooking stove.

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The Potxud Stove Protector Liner is a useful tool that can protect your stove from messes. It’s made from high-quality material – PTFE which can resist high temperaturesensure safety when cooking. 

In addition, by using Potxud Stove Protector Lineryou can easily wipe off burnt-on food on the surface.

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  • REUSABLE. The Potxud Stove Protector Liner can be washed with water and soap or in the dishwasher and they are completely reusable and resistant to food, grease, and water. Shrug off burnt-on food and grease on the gas stove and save time on cleaning.
  • ANTI-STICKING.It is made up of glass fiber cloth that coated with high quality, has a strong anti-sticking function. Therefore, it is easy to clean oil stains and reusable.
  • HEAT – RESISTANT. Can be maintained the original physical form (will not be deformed) in -70 Celsius ~ +260 Celsius temperature processing, even can reach to 380 Celsius.
  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFE. It can be also used safely in the dishwasher, non-toxic, and safe with anti-corrosion function. It is easy to use, just need to remove your burner grate, center it over your protector sheet, trace around the grate.


    • Material type: PTFE
    • Color: Black/Silver
    • Size: 27 x 27 cm / 10.63 x 10.63 in


    • 1 x Potxud Stove Protector Liner (2 PCS)