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Toilet Seat Light Glow

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You’ve gotta tinkle, but you don’t want to “lose your tired” in the middle of the night by turning on the lights… know the feeling?

You probably have already been to the toilet during the night. When that happens, you likely want to get back to bed as quickly as possible so you don’t even turn on the lights in the bathroom. You then hit against the furniture or even make a mess in the toilet… Well, that is all in the past!

Our amazing Toilet Seat LED Light automatically switches on when you’re close to the 2-3 meters range and shows a beautiful light of 8 different colors. blue, red, green, sky blue, purple, yellow, pink, or white.

The sensor duration is about 2 minutes. The light switches off as soon as bright light is turned on nearby or when you leave. Plus, it doesn’t switch on at all during the day.

It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are not included in the package.

Give your toilet a beautiful, colorful glow in the dark. Don’t even turn on the lights in the bathroom!