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Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine




The Worlds First Portable Laundry Machine

The Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine revolutionizes cleanliness and hygiene while traveling. 

Utilizing a process called cavitation, the Sonic Pod’s powerful vibration create millions of bubbles. This combination teams up to blast away any dirt, grease, and grime located within fabric fibers. Rigorously tested and trusted. This is the best way to clean on the go.


Get a deeper clean while saving time, water and energy, all in a compact package that can be taken anywhere.

It Speaks For Itself

?Your laundry is disgusting.


1 out of 4 washing machines contains a significant amount of fecal bacteria that can cling to clothes even after a wash.
Your underwear alone has an average of 0.4 grams of fecal matter.
This Bacteria is a major cause of children and elderly getting sick.

How To Use: