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Visuo XS816 WiFi FPV RC Drone




Are you looking for a good and cheap camera drone that’s under $90?

If you’re tired of those toy quadcopters that will crash at the first gust of wind, then this drone is for you.

The VISUO XS816 not only has very good stability in the air, but it can also fly for almost 20 minutes every flight, which is quite impressive.

Flight stability

Make sure the drone flies stable enough, which usually means at least it has altitude hold, which the VISO XS816 has. Besides that, the optical flow camera underneath the drone is probably the only option at this price range.

Battery Life

It’s pretty obvious why battery life is important for any kind of drone. But especially for cheaper camera drones, you will want to shoot as much footage as possible so you can select only the smooth parts and maybe edit it afterwards. The VISIO XS916 has tons of it and you definitely won’t be finding something better at this price.


This drone comes under the $100, and actually much cheaper than that sometimes. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money to learn flying, the VISUO is quite a good drone. It will satisfy your needs for flying an aerial camera and the battery life is way above many that you can currently find on the market.


For a toy level drone thanks to the optical stabilization, the video turns out pretty smooth.

The 720p camera does a pretty good job.

The dual-camera system


  • one downward-facing camera that doubles as a stabilization camera
  • front-facing 720p camera that can be tilted before the flight


The transmitter is well made. It has the standard functions and it works like intended.

The phone holder is quite solid and I’m not afraid to keep a more expensive phone in there. Some of the standard transmitter functions are:

  • motor stop
  • headless mod
  • return home (not very effective as it doesn’t have GPS)
  • start and stop video and photo buttons
  • on and off button

The buttons are pretty clearly shown with icons on the controller itself.