Wireless Dog Fence Collar




It’s only natural to let your pets love the outdoors. But what about those pets who tend to stray too far from home?

A traditional fence is costly and may not be the look you want for your property. This Wireless Dog Fence is the best invisible solution you can count on to keep your pets safe and within your yard’s boundaries. The system works by delivering mild static correction through two contact points that touch your pet’s neck if it crosses the established barrier. But the correction will not harm him or her. The adjustable collar allows you to create a perfect fit for your pet. In addition, there are two sets of contact points to choose from depending on the length of your pet’s coat.


  • It has a very long remote control distance up to a radius of 656 feet (200 meters).
  • The adjustable level from 0 to 100 levels (0 to 656 feet).
  • Three different levels of electric shock strongmediumweak, which can be freely configured.
  • Waterproof, rechargeable, durable receiving collar.
  • Digital screen Easy to know what the levels are.
  • Several receivers are accepted to work with this system at the same time.
  • If the dog exceeds the range of activities that have been established, the receiver will initiate its training function automatically, which will remind the dog to return to a safe area. First, vibrates for 3 to 4 seconds in the beginning and then punishes the electric shocks. If the dog goes ahead, the vibration and electric shocks will be done again by bicycle. Afterward, the dog will not move forward when he feels the vibration warning.


  • You don’t have to worry anymore about your pet leaving the yard. It will never even goes to the edge of the boundaries, it will stay right around the house!
  • This wireless dog fence system works for pets of all sizes and either fenced or unfenced yards.
  • Train your pet in about 14 days! The static correction is mild and completely adjustable. Five progressive levels of correction allow you to administer training quickly but gently.
  • Our wireless dog fence system covers several acres and most yard shapes or layouts. You can easily confine your pet dogs to the back yard only; the front yard and backyard without access to the sides of your house; or full-property access.


  • Color: Black
  • Plug: US Plug / UK Plug / EU Plug / AU Plug
  • Range: 656 ft / 200 m
  • Size: Transmitter: 6.3×4.7×1.1 In, Receiver: 2.3×1.4×1.1 In