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Dreame V9 Pro Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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On Xiaomi’s sales platform Youpin you will find a new, exciting product every day. This powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaner was again produced by a third party – and again by a different manufacturer than the previously known Roidmi, Jimmy or Deerma. Optically the Dreame V9 (similar to “Dream”) is very close to the previous Xiaomi vacuum cleaners. The Dreame V9 has the highest suction power of any battery-powered vacuum cleaner to date. We’ve tested whether it’s enough for the throne.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Performance

Technical data: Comparison with the top models

Xiaomi and its third party suppliers have already produced a number of products that can vacuum – and have convinced us in the tests so far. With a suction power as high as that of the newly emerged Dreame, it measures up directly to the company’s own top models.

Dreame V9 Roidmi F8
Suction power 20,000 pa 18,500 pa
Noise level 68 dB 75 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery 2500 mAh 2500 mAh
Working time 60 min. (depending on vacuum speed) 55 min.
Charging time 3-4 h 2.5 h
Dust chamber 0,5 l 0,4 l
Dimensions 115.0 x 26.0 x 22.5 cm 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm
Weight 1.5 kg 2.5 kg (as manual vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)
CE mark no no
Features three vacuum levels two vacuum levels, LED lighting, app integration

The fundraising possible on Xiaomi’s Youpin sales platform, a crowdfunding-based financing system for the battery-powered vacuum cleaner, was a complete success. Within a few hours, the financing target had already been reached. This is not unusual for Xiaomi products, but it also shows the strong interest in the battery-powered vacuum cleaner. With a suction power of 20,000 pa, it finally puts a value on the scoreboard that no vacuum cleaner from China has reached so far.

Scope of delivery

Since we wanted to test the Dreame for you as soon as possible (there were a lot of questions from your side), we ordered the Chinese version directly for testing. We refer to it here. But there will also be an international version soon, which comes with an EU charging cable as well as an English manual. In the scope of supply you will find:

  • Suction pipe
  • Floor nozzle with intake hood
  • Vacuum head with 0.5 l dust chamber and rechargeable battery
  • Wall bracket with screws
  • mite top
  • two attachments for different areas
  • CN charging cable with EU or US adapter
  • Chinese manual
Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner Scope of Delivery
The scope of delivery is quite generous.

Also the packaging is quite chic, of course a bit bigger. If you want or have to, you can also simply transport the vacuum cleaner in the bus. Although it’s not necessarily usual to think of a battery-powered vacuum cleaner as a gift, the packaging definitely doesn’t put a spoke in the wheel when it comes to the idea.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Packaging
The packaging of the Dreame V9.

Design and workmanship

Since the model is brand-new, a rather penetrating plastic smell could also be noticed. Apart from that, unpacking the V9 is really fun: The workmanship is again on a high level known from Xiaomi, the processed plastic is even more appealing than that of the Roidmi F8. Even a closer look reveals no manufacturing flaws, simply a mature model in terms of workmanship, which makes its handling even more fun.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Assemble Parts
The individual parts are simply put together – as is usual with other models.

The Dreame V9 is like almost all models nowadays a 2-in-1 model, i.e. the battery-powered vacuum cleaner can also be quickly converted into a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Design
You need the handle with battery and dust chamber, no matter if you use it as a hand-held or a dismantled vacuum cleaner.

Since these are two highly discussed topics around vacuum cleaners: The battery is fixed, so it can’t be replaced. Also a CE mark is not available, but this is probably also due to our China version and can change with the International version.

Charging time

Three small LEDs on the handle indicate the current battery status. This allows you to see when the vacuum head with battery needs to be plugged in.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Recharge battery
The charging cable must be plugged into the handle.

During the charging time of almost 4 hours, these LEDs can also be used to determine when the battery is fully charged. Fortunately, our Chinese version comes with an EU adapter, so you don’t have to buy one here.

Dreame V9 Performance: Lots of technology for little money?

68 dB are not a real house number, but they are quite loud. Telephoning undisturbed or watching TV at the same time? Difficult. This minus point is at the expense of the 20,000 pa high suction power. The V9 achieves 100,000 roations per minute, a value similar to that of the Dyson V10 Absolute. This comes to 125,000 rotations.

Dreame V9 battery-powered vacuum cleaner
The Dreame V9 offers 100,000 rotations per minute.

In contrast to other models, the Dreame V9 has three vacuum levels instead of two, which not only varies the suction power but also the working time. This is 60 minutes in energy-saving mode, 28 minutes in normal vacuum mode and 8 minutes in maximum vacuum mode. For the 2500 mAh battery, a cooling system for the battery has been installed so that it doesn’t give up so quickly.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner vacuum levels
Three different vacuum levels? Great!

As with the Roidmi F8, the Dreame gives you the feeling that you hardly have to do anything yourself during the vacuuming process – the V9 literally pulls its owner behind it. This really makes vacuuming fun and you don’t feel like you’re really working.

The only real flaw in the handling: The button on the handle with which you start the vacuuming process must be pressed continuously. Normally you press the button once to start (the battery-powered vacuum cleaner vacuums continuously) and once to stop. If I find it personally inconvenient, you can of course see it differently.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Hand Vacuum Cleaner Handle
The button on the handle must be pressed continuously so that the vacuuming does not stop.

However, there is already a solution from the Chinese side. If you own a 3D printer, you can simply force your vacuum cleaner to vacuum continuously. Here in the video you can see how it works:

Youtube Video Preview

On hard floors as well as on carpets the V9 makes an appealing figure, you wouldn’t believe how much dust and dirt can be pulled out of such a carpet besides the lint. What is often a problem with battery-powered vacuum cleaners, the Dreame makes up for with its high suction power in combination with the floor roller.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Hand Cleaner Design
The Dreame V9 also cuts a fine figure on carpets with its high suction power and floor roller.

The dust chamber

The collected dirt and dust passes through up to five filters until it hits the HEPA filter. It can be washed out as usual. The 0.5 l dust chamber, which has to be emptied every now and then for more intensive cleaning, is of average size.

Fortunately, this works very easily and completely without direct contact with the contents of the chamber. Practical for allergy sufferers like me. The dust chamber cannot be removed from the handle, but is opened at the bottom and has to be emptied over the garbage can.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Dust Chamber
The dust chamber is completely sufficient, but bigger is almost always better here.

Attachments of the Dreame V9

The latest trend among the new vacuum cleaners from China? Mite control. Since I would like to spare you a lecture about house dust mites, interested parties can inform themselves about this topic in the articles about the Jimmy JV11 hand vacuum cleaner or JV51 battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Only this much: Mites are mainly found in bed or in textiles and are not good for allergy sufferers.

Dreame V9 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Attachments
The three different attachments serve different areas of application.

That’s why Dreame thought of it, since we include a mite attachment in the scope of delivery, as all manufacturers do in the meantime. This was announced with built-in UV light, which kills mites more effectively.

However, after a short inspection one has to realize that this was probably only a marketing gag. There are no corresponding lamps on the top of the mite that could emit UV light. Too bad. How well the mite top works is difficult to understand and certainly not after such a short test phase, so long-term experience will follow at this point.

Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner Hand Vacuum Cleaner Design
The various attachments are attached to the hand-held vacuum cleaner, but can also be fitted with a suction tube.

The hand vacuum cleaner is generally very practical and in connection with the high suction power a real support in the household, if you want to vacuum something quickly. He also cut a fine figure in the car, but I didn’t realize beforehand that this had such an urgent need for cleaning.